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Buildings of the Future Accelerator Aims to Revolutionize Industry

“The construction industry is at an inflection point,” says Luke Dawson, vice president of strategic marketing for BlueScope Buildings North America, a division of the global steel company, BlueScope Steel Ltd.

“Everything — from the shortage of skilled labor to the impact of digitalization, 3D modeling, and sustainability — has created an urgency to rethink how we design, source, fabricate, erect, and operate buildings. Combined with the traditional drivers of inefficiency, the industry is rip

How Long Does it Take to Become a Chiropractor? Think 3 to a Degree

If you’re wondering, “How many years does it take to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree?” you’re not alone. Making the decision to pursue a degree involves an investment of time, energy, and resources. Knowing how long it could take you to earn your degree and enter the profession is key to planning for success. So, here you go, a spoiler alert: You can earn your doctor of chiropractic degree in as little as 3 1/2 years from

2022: A Banner Year for the CUKC Centennial

Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) is proudly displaying a series of custom banners on campus lamp posts in Overland Park, Kan. The bright, colorful assortment is more than welcoming; it’s steeped in meaning.

In recognition of the University’s yearlong centennial celebration of its role as a leader in chiropractic and health sciences education, the banners pay tribute to all those who have worked tirelessly to realize the founders’ vision of creating a healthier world.

“Countless faculty

Grass-roots Effort and $200,000 From Sunderland Foundation Key to CUKC Reroofing Campaign

A grass-roots effort begun by Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) received a significant boost through a $200,000 gift by The Sunderland Foundation, a Kansas City-based philanthropic organization. CUKC’s plan to fund a major reroofing project on the University’s main building will now use the Sunderland Foundation gift, rather than previously budgeted funds, according to Jessica Ramirez, vice president

CUKC to Offer Student Mission Trips in 2022

Vacationing on a Caribbean island is about as ideal as it gets. Or is it? Ask any Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) mission trip participant, and you’ll hear how a vacation doesn’t compare to a mission trip, which revitalizes and energizes entire communities.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Baier, CUKC director of clinical education, mission trips impact those who choose to get involved.

“These week-long mission trips offer our students volunteer opportunities that provide experience interactin

CUKC Social Media Webinar: Joining the Conversation

This social media webinar was designed exclusively for CUKC faculty and staff and covers the following topics: CUKC’s social media presence, What it means to you, and how to join the conversation.

Find CUKC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ClevelandUnivKC and at www.cleveland.edu.

Created and recorded in 2018. For more visit: https://www.cleveland.edu/students-faculty/socialmediawebinars/
A transcript is available for download.