Jennifer Matascik, photo by Brandon Hylton, BBNA

Google Analytics 4 Certified, Oct. 2022

Meta Community Manager Certified, Oct. 2022

About Me

I’m a marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience and proven success in helping organizations grow their businesses. Through the use of thoughtful, strategic communications, I substantially enhance brand presence and the bottom line.

I've spent years honing my marketing skills and leading in-house marketing communications teams. I understand that demonstrating measurable success matters.

Most recently, as the communications director for a private, nonprofit university, I led the MARCOM team for more than 5 years, and

  • increased organic search traffic by 664.31%
  • set 7 records in ‘20 for the most organic web leads collected/month
  • toppled those organic web lead records with 6 more in ‘21
  • created four lead-generating ebooks, which resulted in several new student starts
  • and helped admissions recruit the largest incoming class in more than 35 years!

These examples hardly scratch the surface of what I do for purpose-driven organizations.

Discover which communication efforts deliver results for you, how they compare, and how to maximize them to your advantage with me.

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